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The CELL (You...just a million times smaller)
Other Organelles


There are some other smaller organelles but they are equally as important as the major ones. Lysosomes would be the digestive "tract" of our cells. It's not a tract at all. Actually, it's a compartment with many enzymes stored to break down complex molecules, including the food we eat. A primary lysosome is just the lysosome with it's wnzymes. A secondary lysosome is a lysosome that has ingested the molecule it has to break down. Another organelle is the Peroxisome. As the name suggests, it has something to do with hydrogen peroxide. The peroxisome contains enzymes to catalyze reactions in which hydrogen combines with oxygen. Thus, the product of these reactions is hydrogen peroxide. The peroxisome then breaks down hydrogen peroxide to make it harmless. The Vacuole of a cell can be considered it's stomach. Vacuoles are large sacs filled with fluids. All they do is store foods and wastes for some time.