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The CELL (You...just a million times smaller)
Golgi Complex


 The Golgi Complex (named after Camillo Golgi, who first described it in 1898) is usually made up of stacks of flattened sacs. These are called the cisternae. As in the ER, the space enclosed by these sacs is called the lumen but in the Golgi, the lumen is broken up into compartments. The main job of the Golgi is to further modify the proteins from the ER and to sort and package them out (much like our postal service). In our cells and the cells of other animals, the Golgi is also responsible for making lysosomes.
 The Golgi has two areas. They are called the cis and trans faces.
  • Cis Face- Located near the nucleus, it receives materials from the ER.
  • Trans Face- Located near the plasma membrane, it packages and transports materials out of the Golgi.