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Milk Facts

Milk Makes Me Mad!!

  • Many people are unable to digest the milk sugar, lactose. This results in diarrhea and gas. For those who can digest lactose, the breakdown products are glucose and galactose. Galactose is known to cause ovarian cancer and cataracts.
  • Whole milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, and other dairy products contain large amounts of saturated fat, as well as cholesterol, which lead to cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. While people do need some fat in their diets, it does not have to come from milk. On the contrary, cow's milk is high in saturated fats, but low in the essential fatty acid.
  • Milk may contain contaminants, from pesticides to drugs. Many milk products have been shown to be contaminated with antibiotic traces. Only some types of milk have sufficient vitamin D. Some types of milk have more than needed Vitamin D which is toxic.
  • Dairy products lead to osteoporosis. In countries where not many dairy products are consumed, there is less osteoporosis than in the US. Studies have shown that milk did not protect against bone
  • Need Milk???

    • Cow's milk has nutrients to suit its babies which aren't suitable for humans.
    • Cow's milk contains large doses of antibiotics and growth hormones. Also, it has pesticides and other harmful contaminations that are bad for health.
    • Our body stops producing lactase, the enzyme that helps us to digest lactose, at the age of two. This means that we don't need milk after the age of two.
    • Cow's milk and other dairy products may be the leading cause of osteoporosis.
    • Alternatives to milk can be made from brown rice, nuts or soy. These alternatives have good levels of calcium and vitamins, little fat, no cholesterol, and are free of contaminants.

    OH COW,
    We drink your milk, eat your meat, break your bones and use them for buttons or belts, crush your every vein. But we Humans are still sad about the fact that we cannot use your scream.

    Please don't let this happen to cows!
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