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Circus Facts

Circuses are no fun. You would know if you went backstage and saw what was happening. The elephants, horses, and tigers that you see and seem friendly aren't at all. They don't want to do this. They're made to! Horrifying weapons are used on these circus "attractions." For example:

Elephants are chained during training sessions, transport, and between shows. Little exercise and standing in wet, bad conditions lead to foot problems such as foot rot, cracked nails, and infected cuticles.

Baby elephants removed from their mothers for training. During the this process, calves are isolated and their legs are tied with ropes. Rope burns develop as they struggle against the restraints.

The bullhook has a long handle and a sharp metal hook. It is used to discipline elephants. Although an elephant's skin is thick, it is sensitive enough for them to feel the pain of an insect bite. Trainers embed the hook into the soft tissue behind the ears and inside the mouth or tender spots under the chin and around the feet.

The sting of a whip causes lingering, intense pain.

Black Diamond
Black Diamond is one of the many elephants that lead horrific lives at the circus.