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Animal Cruelties


  • Fish who are caught and then thrown back suffer fatal internal injuries, exhaustion, and loss of their protective coating.
  • Fish have high levels of mercury, pesticides, and other toxins that can get into your body and cause cancer.
  • Every year, millions of birds and mammals die due to injuries caused by discarded fishing hooks, monofilament line, and lead weights.


  • Pigs- Each year, 100 million pigs are killed and made into hot dogs, bacon, and other meat products. They are taken from their mothers a few weeks after birth. At slaughterhouses, they are hurt when they are forced onto the killing floor. THE PIGS DON'T WANT TO MOVE BECAUSE THEY CAN HEAR THE SCREAMS OF THE PIGS AHEAD OF THEM BEING KILLED! Pigs are loaded with fat and cholesterol which can cause heart attack and cancer.
  • Chickens- Every year, 8 billion chickens are killed for restaurants like McDonald's and KFC. Baby chicks are stuffed into sheds with thousands of other birds. Many die of sicknesses. Then they are trucked to the slaughterhouse (many don't survive this trip). THE ONES THAT SURVIVE ARE HUNG UPSIDE DOWN BY THEIR FEET AND KILLED FOR FOOD!